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When you doubt your salvation...

Many Christians wrestle with doubt, especially when it comes to salvation. The quicker these doubts are settled the sooner we can enter into that relationship for which God is preparing us. If intimacy with God is a matter of faith, love, fellowship, praise, and joy how can one who is tormented by doubt experience any of these things? Consider this:

Christians who are plagued with doubt are in far greater torment than most lost people, who really do not posses eternal life. It is the saved person that is Satan's target. His plan is to keep the lost man comfortable and the saved man tormented, so the lost man sees no need, and the saved man has no testimony. (Luke 22:31-32)

People doubt their salvation because they do not feel saved and there are two reasons for not feeling saved.

First, there is a lack of eternal life. The doubts this person has are based in reality and are prompted by the Holy Spirit. Go to Come to Christ and settle the matter with the Saviour.

Second, there is a lack of commitment on the part of the believer. To be committed is to give Him first place, not in your heart, but in your day and in your ways. You must learn to prioritize the Christian life. Just as the heart follows the treasure (Matthew 6:21) so our thoughts will follow our works. (Proverbs 16:3) When we do the things Christians should do we will feel the things Christians should feel; confidence, peace, and joy, just to name a few.

A lack of commitment to Christ will result in a loss of fellowship, which is a loss of the awareness of His presence, and a loss of joy. (Psalms 16:11) This results in feeling forsaken by God when, in fact, He is the one who has been forsaken.

He is forsaken in the morning

The most common of all Christian failings is the failure to set aside time to be in the Word and in prayer. The committed Christian makes time to be with God. He does that because he realizes that God has placed the responsibility of maintaining a close relationship with God on the Christian. God commands us to keep ourselves in the love of God by building, praying, and looking (Jude 1:20-21). This has to be done on purpose (Acts 11:23). When the Christian fails to keep his responsibility the relationship suffers, confidence is eroded, boldness gives way to silence, and joy is lost.

He is forsaken for the world

Worldliness is all every lost person knows. When one becomes a Christian he begins a lifelong task of identification and eradication of worldliness. See (James 4:4). This scripture teaches that our refusal to let go of worldliness puts us in the wrong camp. We would rather spend time with the writers of Hollywood sitcoms than with the Author and finisher of our faith and writers of Gods Holy Word (2 Peter 1:20-21). See also (Proverbs 23:6-8). The bread referred to in this passage is not bread that you eat physically but spiritually. The result is the loss of sweet words. Who is the source of sweet words? Jesus.

He is forsaken through disobedience

No, you cannot worship God in the woods instead of church. Sorry, as much as He can be seen and enjoyed in His creation He still requires obedience to His Word. He is not impressed by your love of nature if you hate the brethren. God loves people more than trees. Obey God and go to church if you want to be close to Him. (Hebrews 10:24-25) (Matthew 18:20) (Acts 1:14) (Acts 2:1)

He is forsaken in my testimony

Here is Satanís ultimate goal for all believers and the saddest of all conditions. He is successful in this point when I am guilty of all the above. If I have no living and vital relationship with Christ then I have nothing to tell. If I am living a worldly life any testimony I may have is contradicted by my life.

Now find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed, close the door, get in His Word and read it until you are convinced you have read it enough. Pay attention to what you are reading and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you about what you have read. Then fall on your knees, approach the throne of God with the boldness of a child that is beloved and tell Him you need Him. Tell Him you know the necessity of staying in His Word and being on your knees every day of your life and sincerely ask Him to give you the grace and power to do so.

In conclusion:

Saved people who doubt their salvation need to draw closer to God. Building a relationship takes time. Be willing to put time and effort into this relationship and give God a chance to bless you with the confidence and assurance that you need to be a joyful and living testimony for Him.

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